Key Features of the Real Estate App

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Discover the notable attributes of real estate app development. Explore the key features and benefits of building applications for the real estate industry.

Finding suitable housing is a challenge that everyone encounters at least once in their lifetime. Usually, when you search for “Buy an apartment” on a search engine, the first page of results appears. However, what if your real estate agency’s website is listed on the second page or even further down?

To attract customers, one effective approach is to offer a mobile application for real estate search. These applications are not only compact and convenient but also provide access to the most up-to-date data at any time. By utilizing such an application, real estate agencies can reap long-term benefits.

In this article, we will delve into the advantages of developing a mobile app for real estate, explore the necessary requirements for such applications, and highlight the key features that enhance overall business efficiency.

Advantages of Mobile Real Estate Applications for Businesses

A Real Estate App Is An Investment

In the future, real estate search apps can replace traditional realtors. The pandemic is driving businesses to digitize and automate processes. Having a website is not enough; leading real estate search platforms offer popular mobile apps. This trend is fueled by the prevalence of mobile devices and businesses’ desire to engage users effectively on smartphones.

The app organizes and streamlines company processes

A business card website may limit sales control and hinder company development, resulting in chaotic client management across multiple channels. However, precise control can be achieved through digital transformation. By integrating your website, CRM, and accounting systems into a single app, you can automate transaction management and streamline operations.

The application enhances customer loyalty

Many buy their first home before 35. Around 20% later upgrade to a larger or better quality home. Some prefer renting, while others need temporary accommodation when traveling. These are resources for your transactions. Implement a loyalty program in the app to support lifelong customers.

The app enables easy analysis of real estate market data and demographics

To speed up deal closures, provide clients with complete housing information. This includes detailed listings, customizable filters, high-quality photos, virtual tours, favorite property features, proximity to infrastructure, crime rate insights, and transportation accessibility. By offering this valuable information, you gain data on customer preferences. The application automatically analyzes this data, simplifying the process and eliminating manual processing.

Real Estate App Helps Select the Target Audience

Automating user data collection and analysis yields valuable insights for understanding the target audience. These insights are crucial for market segmentation and expanding into new territories. Younger individuals, skilled in mobile technology, are attracted to the app for their first home purchase. Middle-aged users prioritize simplicity, secure transactions, and comprehensive functionality.

The app lets you stay in touch with customers

No matter when a suitable apartment or house becomes available, challenges and important details may arise, along with questions. The best part is that communication is available 24/7, without causing any inconvenience or disturbance to clients or realtors during late hours or other inconvenient times. Users can easily access notifications in the app at their convenience.

The Application will be a vital marketing and sales tool for your services

The application collects and analyzes customer data, while discreetly offering personalized recommendations based on tracked activities and preferences. Even if the user deletes the app, their account, data, and subscription to advertising campaigns will remain. Additionally, it can serve as a foundation for providing supplementary services like real estate legal assistance.

Real Estate Mobile App Functionality Requirements

Any Real Estate mobile app must meet three basic requirements for functionality:

Ease of use

Providing a seamless user experience is crucial. Users should easily find buttons, navigate smoothly, and quickly access available options. UX/UI design principles are used to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces that align with the interface mechanism. These interfaces follow user interaction guidelines for iOS and Android applications, creating a comfortable and familiar environment.

Improved Conversion

The application’s functionality is designed to enhance not only the user’s convenience but also the company’s benefits. Ideally, a simple click of a button should effortlessly guide the user towards their desired action, whether it’s making a purchase, placing an order, or booking a service. To analyze user behavior and track vital application metrics, specialized tools like AppCenter and Firebase are employed.

Optimized Set of Features

The functionality of an application is contingent upon the specific business task at hand. It is crucial for the application to encompass the required functions for seamless actions such as purchasing or booking. Inadequate functionality will not effectively address user needs, resulting in a lack of demand. To prevent user confusion, it is advisable to avoid superfluous options and buttons.

Key Features of the Real Estate App


Onboarding entails engaging and acquainting new users with a product. The quicker users grasp your real estate app, the higher the chances of their retention. Crafting a captivating onboarding experience poses a true challenge. Not every onboarding effort yields the same success and sets you apart from the competition.

Login & Registration

For a seamless user experience, simplify the registration and login process. Offer sign-in options with email, phone number, or popular platforms like Google, Apple, or Facebook. Allow unregistered clients to log in for their initial interaction, facilitating a smooth introduction.

Individual Profiles

Realtors and clients utilize personal profiles to effectively manage property listings. These profiles include detailed descriptions, captivating photos, and essential contact information. In turn, buyers provide their personal data, enabling algorithms to offer tailored property recommendations that cater to their preferences.

Databases and Listings

The mobile real estate app must incorporate a comprehensive property listing feature. It should present available properties with all the requisite details, enabling users to effortlessly add their properties for rent or sale. To accommodate the increasing number of listings and users in the future, a scalable database is imperative.

Real Estate Profiles

Each object’s page showcases a detailed description and captivating photos, providing clients with a realistic portrayal of its appearance. Setting your application apart is an automated verification of real estate against government databases, which requires integrating an electronic verification algorithm.

Listing of Agent

A reputable real estate agency can offer clients a curated selection of skilled realtors. We recommend providing each realtor with a concise overview of their experience, accompanied by a professional photo. Including the number of properties they have sold and their area of expertise will enhance the client’s decision-making process.

Categories & Filters

The search for and selection of the perfect property can be the most exasperating aspect of the entire process. To alleviate client frustration, it is crucial to offer advanced search and sorting filters that cater to specific criteria. By doing so, you can streamline the experience and enhance their satisfaction.

Mapping and Geolocation

Visualizing your dream living space is incomparable. Maps offer valuable information for apartment seekers, showcasing nearby amenities, infrastructure, and area statistics like crime rates, traffic, and natural disaster risks. Users can conveniently create routes between home, office, school, and other essential locations.


Navigating through numerous apartments and houses can be overwhelming. To simplify the process, it is crucial to provide clients with the ability to create a personalized list of favorites. This way, users can easily access all the details of their preferred properties at their convenience through their personal profiles.

Search Engine

Real estate apps offer a crucial feature: the search bar. Users input queries and receive corresponding results below, enabling them to easily find what they’re looking for. The search functionality showcases all queries containing the keyword, while the added convenience of autocomplete enhances the user experience.

Calendar and Scheduling

The calendar is crucial in real estate apps, enabling smooth communication between clients and agents. It empowers buyers or tenants to easily schedule appointments with agents or sellers, checking availability and setting up meetings within the app. Timely reminders are sent to ensure appointments are not missed, enhancing efficiency and convenience for all.

Mortgage Calculator

To ensure customer satisfaction, the function requires partnering with a bank. A comprehensive calculator, including offers from multiple banks, provides maximum flexibility to customers. It empowers users to effortlessly compare real estate costs and evaluate their financial capacity. By exploring all options, users can confidently select the most suitable one.


When it comes to mobile app notifications, developers can create two types. The first type is mobile push notifications, which appear on the smartphone screen even if the app is not being used. During installation, users grant permission for these notifications. The second type is in-app notifications, which are displayed during an active session without requiring additional consent. Both types facilitate closer communication with the user while maintaining a balance to avoid being overly intrusive.


Analytics provides valuable insights into your app’s performance and highlights areas for improvement in efficiency. By obtaining helpful information about the real estate market and your users’ in-app behavior, such as screen-specific time spent, you can make informed decisions to enhance your app.

Reviews And Rating

Utilizing customer reviews will not only enhance the ranking of realtors but also drive continuous improvement in the level of service provided. By combining reviews and ratings, the credibility of the application and agency will be significantly boosted, thereby motivating realtors to operate with greater efficiency.

Online Presentation On-Demand

Professionals can capture stunning photos and immersive 3D tours to showcase the apartment. While this attracts more viewers, it may not increase purchase desire. To save time and effort and avoid unproductive visits, property owners can now showcase their property directly within the application.

Virtual Tour

Unlike photographs, a virtual tour provides a more comprehensive understanding of the property. With a 3D tour, you can accurately assess whether it’s worth visiting an apartment, saving time for buyers, tenants, agents, and sellers alike.

In summary,

Everyone aspires to have a stunning luxury apartment or house that perfectly meets their needs. Comfort is key right from the start, and this holds true for real estate applications as well. Only applications that receive substantial investment of effort and resources gain popularity. Professionals take immense pride in their work, carefully considering every pixel on the screen. With an experienced team, you can deliver a top-notch IT product to users: stable technologies, an intuitive interface, and an appealing design.

At STDIO ASIA, we are prepared to assist you in creating a property search application. We take delight in projects that bring joy and convenience to people’s lives. Our recommendation is to develop a custom application from scratch, ensuring the inclusion of desired functionality without unnecessary expenses. This approach grants full control over business development, without limitations imposed by off-the-shelf solutions. Get in touch with us, and together, we will make waves in the real estate market!

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