The Stdio Hue ethos is to bring digital dreams to reality. If you have a vision for an app or a digital product (apps, websites, games), we are the team to build it.

we are

Stdio Hue specialises in helping ideas come to life quick. We help you finesse your idea, work through designs, and produce a rapid prototype in as little as 3 weeks.

Turn Your App Idea Into Reality, FAST

Build it and they will come is a myth. We work with entrepreneurs and innovators to bring their app ideas to life and help them find their first users with proven early adopter customer acquisition strategies.

Not sure if you can afford a professional app development company? Enter in your basic information, and your app features, and get an instant quote to find out if we're in the ballpark!

Our process

1. Chat With an App Expert

Speak with one of our friendly app experts. We’re happy to sign an NDA! We work together using our app quote form to define key features of your app and bring the idea to life. Book in a time here.

2. Your App Quote in 48 Hours

With the information collected in the first step, the Stdio Hue team will plan out all the design and development requirements for your app, and deliver your quote fast. Prices range from $10,000 - $150,000.

4. Coding Begins

Development of your app begins after just a week of design work, and continues on concurrently while the rest of the screen designs are finished. We work with React Native, Flutter and more.

3. Start With Design

Once the project is agreed, design begins! Planning and design starts prior to development, and Stdio Hue apps are always a thing of beauty. We also do a kickoff meeting to introduce everyone and capture any last ideas.

5. App Launch in 12 Weeks!

We work hard to get your app to market within 12 weeks. This requires focus, planning and concurrent design and development. Some apps might require more time, but speed to market is our goal.

6. Support & Marketing

Once your app is built, the next phase of your journey begins. We help you with marketing strategy and partnerships, and support you any further development requirements. Includes 60 day bug fixing.

What our
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What We Do

Stdio Hue’s experience can be the difference between struggling and accelerated growth. If you want your user experience to be top-notch and your business impact at its best, we’re the people who can help you get there.


Stdio Hue team have extensive experience in building high performing native mobile apps across multiple platforms.


We've build beautiful website across multiple industries including real estate, professional services, start up, technology, health, beauty and more. We design with establishing a strong brand presence in mind to help our clients grow their business online.


We are passionate about games, and game development. Every game we build considers the latest in gaming technology, design and marketing strategy.


We have a team of UX and digital designers, ready to help you create seamless and intuitive digital products, designs and experiences for websites, apps and games.

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* We don’t share your personal info or idea with anyone. We are happy to sign an NDA before full disclosure of an idea. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.