Elegant solutions built on
proven methodologies

Stdio Hue partners with clients to design and develop custom
mobile apps, platforms and experiences.


We craft research-backed product strategies that help our process move through the key execution stages in an efficient manner, without the need to backtrack.

Chat With an App Expert

Speak with one of our friendly app experts. We’re happy to sign an NDA! We work together using our app quote form to define key features of your app and bring the idea to life. Book in a time here.

Your App Quote in 48 Hours

With the information collected in the first step, the Stdio Hue team will plan out all the design and development requirements for your app, and deliver your quote fast. Prices range from $10,000 - $150,000.


Our team will deep dive into your industry, landscape and key players identifying their key success factors. Thorough research makes for a more informed and competitive product design.


Our in-house creative and design team is passionate about aesthetics and user experience, following the latest trends but also crafting new styles to disrupt the market.


Our talented graphic design team will make sure we create a look-and-feel that will make your brand stand out to your target demographics.

UX/UI Design

Once the branding is finalised, we’ll bring it together with all the features, flows to create the wireframe of your entire application readying it for the development phase.


We will create a clickable demo from our final designs, so you can showcase your app to potential investors and users. This prototype forms the basis of our engineering teams build.


Our in-house engineering group is made up of industry veterans who have “been there, done that,” and we leverage that deep experience to protect and support our client partners.


Development will begin after just 2 weeks of strategy and design work. Our in-house engineering will set up all server environments for scale. We’ll begin with producing the custom APIs needed, and integrating where appropriate use of best of breed 3rd party solutions.


Our frontend engineers will bring the user interfaces to life, working as closely to the design as possible. We’ll craft your iOS, Android and web based apps with React Native, Flutter and more.

Testing & Analytics

Quality Assurance testing is ongoing throughout the project. Analytics are implemented throughout the build, so we can measure, learn even before launching into the marketplace.


Building product is only the first step. Ongoing management and maintenance of the digital products we create is where the real challenge, and fun, begins.

App Launch in 12 Weeks!

We work hard to get your app to market within 12 weeks. This requires focus, planning and concurrent design and development. Some apps might require more time, but speed to market, is our goal to launch your dream app fast.

Support & Marketing

Once your app is built, the next phase of your journey begins. We help you with marketing strategy and partnerships, and support any further development requirements. Includes 60 day bug fixing, and agile and fluid approach to product updates and releases.

Launch & Growth

Building product is only the first step. Ongoing management and maintenance of the digital products we create is where the real challenge, and fun, begins.

App Store Setup & Approvals

We steer the entire App Store approval process from start to finish, guiding our clients on best practices for optimal adoption. We have a perfect track record for getting apps approved in record time, and our client partners appreciate our experience and intimate knowledge of the nuances of how the "powers-that-be" operate their digital marketplaces.

Ongoing Measurement & Prioritization

We implement all analytics before launching any product, and we use those data points to help understand what new product updates need to be prioritized in an ongoing way. We study user behaviors and interactions to make informed decisions for all areas of your application.

Agile Planning & Release Management

After launching something significant, we believe shifting to a more “Agile” approach, adhering to a more fluid process of regular, meaningful product updates and releases. This process continues in an ongoing way, and can be flanked by bigger product updates when those arise.